About Us

Sanborn Meadow Farm - Kathy and Scott Doherty

In the summer of 2015, we bought a run down but beautiful farm in Canterbury, NH with the dream of turning it into our self-sufficient homestead and working farm. Our goal was to grow real, nutritious food and share this bounty with our neighbors in Canterbury and the surrounding area. Our plans have evolved to include vegetables grown in a small market garden, fruits in various spots around the farm, pastured poultry – laying hens, meat chickens and turkeys – and honey bees. Our offerings will change as our farm develops but our desire to grow real food will remain.

"Local" That Is Really Local

We want be an active part of our adopted home town of Canterbury, NH and plan to sell our products here. We want to remain small and local, meeting the food needs of our community and supporting other local businesses whenever possible. Our products won't have to travel far to be in our customers' hands in the freshest condition possible.

Our Growing Philosophy

One of the first questions we are asked when people find out about our farm is "Are you certified organic?" No, we are not, nor do we intend to be. It is our opinion that the USDA's organic label has lost much of its meaning due to large corporate interests that have infiltrated and watered down the national program and that the USDA no longer supports small real organic farmers.

Sanborn Meadow Farm - Suzie

Our intent is to build a healthy, biologically diverse soil in which to grow our vegetables, using sustainable and regenerative practices, so that the soil feeds the plants and negates the need for chemical pest control or synthetic fertilizers. Should there be a need for pest control, we will use only products approved for use on organic produce. We purchase our seeds from regionally local suppliers (in 2020 Johnny's Selected Seeds, High Mowing Organic Seeds and Fedco), using organic or open-pollinated varieties when possible.

Our poultry is raised without subtherapeutic antibiotics, 100% on pasture in the warmer months, where they can run around in the sunshine, spread their wings, and eat bugs and plants. In the winter, our layers have a hoop house to shelter in out of the weather but can still go outside in the pasture if they choose. All poultry are fed organic feed (soy-free for the layers) from Green Mountain Feeds in Vermont. We process all our meat birds quickly and humanely here on the farm.