We appreciate the support and efforts of our local businesses and the town of Canterbury. We encourage you to buy local!

  • Canterbury Community Farmers Market

    Canterbury Community Farmers Market's mission is to promote community, local food and agricultural products through a dynamic farmers market. Love local? Support the market!

  • Canterbury Country Store

    Canterbury, like many early New England villages, historically relied on its country store as the hub of all things about town. The Canterbury Country Store continues to be the place to buy necessary goods (and donuts), get some news (mostly real), post a letter, read the notice boards and share a minute with friends and neighbors.

  • Marsh Meadow Bison

    Wally and Katie Archer raise magnificent bison on their farm in Canterbury. Truly delicious, naturally lean meat raised on pasture without antibiotics or hormones.

  • Miles Smith Farm

    Carole Soule and Bruce Dawson raise Scottish Highlander cattle on pasture next door to Canterbury in Loudon, NH. The animals are treated well and are free of chemicals and hormones. The on-farm store is a great place to buy their beef as well as their other products and an assortment of locally produced goods. When we eat beef, it comes from Miles Smith Farm!


These are links to the people and farms that inspired us to take this crazy leap into agriculture. Their belief in a better way has taught us so much and motivates us to keep up the fight against industrialized food.